COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

Project Overview

From Summer 2021 - Spring 2022, University Initiatives & Policy managed the Vaccine Incentive program for both students and employees of the University of Arizona. Students and employees who voluntarily uploaded their vaccine document were automatically entered for a chance to receive a number of exciting incentives. Vaccine uploads allowed the University to better gauge the vaccination rate of our campus community and encourage the good public health practice of getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Student incentives included: $500 tuition scholarships, ZonaZoo memberships, BookStore scholarships, Campus Rec fitness passes, parking permit, dorm rent credits, and more.

Employee incentives included: Football tickets, private viewings of basketball practices, Arizona Arts Live tickets, Campus Rec semester memberships, and more.

Additionally, every fully vaccinated student who uploaded their vaccine record was given two Star Rewards - a $10 value - that could be redeemed at selected vendors at the Arizona Student Unions or BookStores.

Project Contacts

Lori Van Buggenum,

Danielle Oxnam,