Shared Governance Partnerships


Since its inception in 2019, University Initiatives & Policy has been a strong supporter of shared governance. Our faculty, staff, and students have a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding how the University can effectively advance its mission consistent with University values.  Our policies and programs are greatly enhanced when these populations are actively involved in their development. University Initiatives & Policy has consistently partnered with shared governance bodies and their diverse constituencies on policy creation and a variety of university-wide initiatives.

Shared Governance Partners

Faculty Senate

Staff Council

Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC)

Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA)

University Initiatives & Policy also solicits input from and collaborates with other groups that represent faculty, staff, and students, including staff and faculty affinity groups and student clubs and organizations.


  • University Initiatives & Policy notifies the leaders of Faculty Senate, Staff Council, GPSC, and ASUA when new or revised University Policies are proposed. University Initiatives & Policy asks that these leaders share these new or revised policies with their constituents and invite them to submit comments during the open feedback period. 
  • In addition, when a policy is of particular importance to a shared governance body, University Initiatives & Policy facilitates a brief presentation by policy sponsors to shared governance groups. 
  • Members of University Initiatives & Policy meet with the Chair of the Faculty on a bi-weekly basis to discuss new policies, revisions to policies, and relevant feedback from faculty.
  • Members of University Initiatives & Policy meet with the Chair of Staff Council and the Chair of the Staff Council Policy Committee on a monthly basis to discuss new policies, revisions to policies, and relevant feedback from staff. 
  • ASUA and GPSC provide input to University Initiatives & Policy on University policies that impact students. 

COVID Mitigation, Testing and Vaccine Incentives

  • During the pandemic, University Initiatives & Policy met regularly with leadership from faculty senate, ASUA, and GPSC to obtain input about COVID mitigation strategies.
  • During meetings with ASUA and GPSC, student leaders encouraged the University to pursue incentive strategies to increase student testing and vaccinations. In response, University Initiatives & Policy developed a number of Testing Incentives and Vaccine Incentives
  • During meetings with Faculty Senate leadership about employee testing, concerns were expressed about potential testing enforcement. University Initiatives & Policy convened a working group on the issue that developed recommendations that were subsequently implemented.

Flexible Work Initiative

  • In Spring 2022, the Staff Council approached University Initiatives & Policy with concerns about how some University units were approaching workplace flexibility after the pandemic. University Initiatives & Policy partnered with Staff Council and Human Resources to launch the Flexible Work Initiative. This project included a campus-wide flexible work survey of staff and a complementary survey of supervisors; a summer pilot program; focus groups of staff and supervisors; presentations to leadership, supervisors, and Staff Council; and the development of flexible work guidelines and resources.

Early Childhood Education and Care

  • Members of the Faculty Senate have advocated for an on-campus early childhood education center for many years. In 2022, University Initiatives & Policy convened a working group on this issue with representation from the Faculty Senate, the Graduate and Professional Student Council, and the Commission on the Status of Women, among other units. University Initiatives & Policy conducted a campus needs assessment; worked with Planning, Design, & Construction to identify potential sites; and secured a $100,000 federal grant to develop a site analysis and concept design.  

Tribal Flag Display

  • In 2019, student leaders from Native SOAR expressed a desire to have the flags of the 22 tribes in Arizona displayed in a central campus location. University Initiatives & Policy partnered with these students and campus colleagues to create the display at the Student Union BookStore. 

Addressing Period Poverty

  • In the Fall of 2023, GPSC approached University Initiatives & Policy about the financial challenges that many students are facing that is impacting their ability to purchase period products. University Initiatives & Policy is partnering with GPSC, ASUA, and Facilities Management to explore options for how the University can support students with these needs.