Flexible Parking Options

Project Overview

In alignment with the University of Arizona’s evolving workplace culture of adopting flexible work practices, University Initiatives & Policy partnered with Parking and Transportation Services and Human Resources to offer employees increased options for flexible and affordable parking permits. This initiative was born out of the Flexible Work survey and focus groups conducted in 2022, where parking and transportation was identified as a major theme. 

Two Major Changes for Employee Parking

  1. Extended Park & Ride hours -  Implemented August 2023
    1. New hours for Park & Ride (3:55 am - 7:30 pm) accommodate employees who work early morning and evening schedules.
    2. Park & Ride is the most affordable permit option available to employees.
  2. FLEX Permits - Implemented January 2024
    1. FLEX3 Permit allows employees to park in garages three days per week Monday - Friday.
    2. FLEX2 Permit allows employees to park in garages two days per week Monday - Friday.
    3. FLEX Permits provide a discounted permit rate to employees who work on campus three days or less per week.

Project Contacts

Amy Glicken, aglicken@arizona.edu
Danielle Oxnam, dmoxnam@arizona.edu