Event & Space Management

Project Overview

Building on previous event and space management efforts, University Initiatives & Policy is coordinating an Event and Space Management Working Group. The goal of this Phase 1 Working Group is to determine viable options for classroom and event management that would meet a variety of high priority needs on campus. A Phase 1 Summary Report with recommendations was submitted to senior leaders in spring 2023. 

Working Group Members

Name Title Unit
Alex Underwood Registrar Office of the Registrar
Cheryl Plummer Event Planner, Mall Student Unions
Darcy Van Patten Chief Technology Officer Information Technology
Drennen Brown Director, Information Technology & Spatial Services Planning, Design & Construction
Grant McCormick Assistant Director, Enterprise GIS Planning, Design & Construction
Heather Lukach Assistant Vice President Presidential Events & University Ceremonies
Jose Teran Director, Space Strategy & Management Planning, Design & Construction
Laura Ullrich Senior Director of Academic Advising, Undergraduate Programs Eller College of Management
Mario Leon Deputy Chief UA Police Department
Maysoon Eshelman Executive Director for Campus IT Partnerships Information Technology
Ravneet Chadha Chief Data Officer & Associate Vice President, UAIR Information Technology
Talia Myrick Associate Director, Student Governance & Programs Dean of Students Office
Todd Millay Executive Director Arizona Student Unions
Ryan Goodell Vice President Facilities, Operations & Campus Planning

Project Contacts

Amy Glicken, aglicken@arizona.edu

Alex Robie Harris, robie@arizona.edu