Campus Safety Enhancements

Project Overview

Beginning in October of 2022, University Initiatives & Policy partnered with Interim Chief Safety Officer Steve Patterson and other key collaborators to improve campus safety for all students, employees, designated campus colleagues (DCCs), and visitors. In addition to serving on the Campus Safety Incident Command System (ICS), members of University Initiatives & Policy contributed to the following campus safety initiatives.

Campus and Community Input

  • In October of 2022, developed a feedback form for campus members to share concerns and suggestions regarding building security, incident prevention, emergency communication, and threat assessment. 
  • Reviewed nearly 1,200 responses from students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members. Compiled responses and presented summaries to senior leaders and shared governance groups. 
  • In the spring and summer of 2023, conducted surveys of impacted students and employees to a) evaluate the utilization and effectiveness of campus services following the campus tragedy on October 5, 2022, and b) inform and improve future services provided to students and employees following a crisis.

Emergency Plans and Resources


Support for Students and Employees

  • Compiled and disseminated resources for impacted students and employees.
  • Convened a Student and Employee Support Working Group of key stakeholders and impacted students and employees to implement the PAX Report recommendation to develop a post-crisis support plan. Enhanced the Campus Emergency Response Plan based on the results of the impacted student and employee surveys and working group recommendations. The plan now includes sections on student and employee support after a crisis, communications to support students and employees, and disability access during and after a crisis. 


  • Supported improvements to UAlert, the University’s emergency notification system, and participated in the UAlert Governance Committee and UAlert Working Group. 

Graduate Assistant/Associate Background Checking

  • Coordinated efforts to expand the University’s current employee criminal background checking process to include all graduate assistants/associates. The Pre-Employment Screening Policy (Interim) was revised in May of 2023 and the new GA background checking process was implemented on July 1, 2023. 


  • Partnered with University Marketing and Communications and Human Resources to write and send university-wide communications regarding new safety initiatives. 



Project Contacts

Student Support: Alex Robie Harris,

Employee Support: Lori Van Buggenum,

Training & ICS: Danielle Oxnam,

UAlert: Amy Glicken,

Emergency Plans and Resources: Lori Van Buggenum and Amy Glicken