Inclusive Data: Sex, Gender, Names, and Pronouns

Project Overview

The Inclusive Data project is focused on ensuring that sex, gender, names, and pronouns are collected, stored, shared, and used in ways that that help members of the campus community feel welcomed, valued, and respected.

University Initiatives & Policy convened a working group in 2020 to look at a variety of important issues, including the collection of data, notices to students and employees, access permissions, data sharing, policies, and training. 

Work on this project continues to focus on improving data collection, technology, best practices, policy, and education for the University community.


  • Students and employees may now voluntarily add or update their preferred name, gender, and pronouns in UAccess at any time.
  • If submitted in UAccess, pronouns are now shown in the University Phonebook, UAccess and D2L course rosters, advising reports, and other reports.
  • Preferred name now syncs on a daily basis with key University systems, including Google Suite/gmail, the University Phonebook, D2L, UAccess class rosters, Office 365, and Box.
  • Creation of the Pronoun Guidance webpage

Project Contacts

Amy Glicken,

Alex Robie Harris,