Arizona Public Service Orientation

Mandatory Training for All New Employees

Arizona state law requires that all state employees complete a public service orientation that covers policies and laws relating to the proper business conduct for a public employee.

All newly hired University of Arizona faculty, staff, graduate assistants/associates, and student workers are required to complete the Arizona Public Service Orientation within 30 days of their hire date. 

New Employees: Complete the Training in EDGE Learning

Topics Covered

  • Public access to records and information
  • Open meeting laws 
  • Political activity
  • Discrimination
  • Conflicts of interest and nepotism
  • Gifts and extra compensation
  • Outside employment
  • Financial disclosure
  • Bribery
  • Personal use and misuse of University assets
  • Contracting
  • Whistleblowing
  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Conduct after leaving one’s position with the University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The University of Arizona is committed to ensuring that employees follow applicable federal, state, Arizona Board of Regents, and University of Arizona policies and laws that govern the proper business conduct for a public employee. This training is a State of Arizona requirement and trains employees regarding relevant policies and laws. 

According to Arizona state law, all new employees are required to complete the Arizona Public Service Orientation. This includes newly hired faculty, staff, graduate assistants/associates, and student workers. The University of Arizona requires that this training be completed within the first 30 days of employment at the University. 


The training will be assigned to you in EDGE Learning. You will receive a notification from EDGE Learning sent to your University email address prior to your training due date as part of your onboarding process. 

If you are a current employee and would like to voluntarily complete the updated version of the training, you can enroll here.

Yes, current/continuing employees are welcome to complete this training at any time. It may be helpful for employees to refresh their understanding of this content. Completion of this training is voluntary, and additional compensation will not be offered for the time it takes to complete the training.

Go to and you will then be prompted to log in with your UA NetID. For more detailed instructions on logging into EDGE Learning, please review the Log into EDGE section. 

For help accessing EDGE Learning or any other technical support related questions, contact the 24/7 IT Support Center.

This training typically takes 35-40 minutes to complete.

You can verify if you have successfully completed the training by logging in to your EDGE Learning Plan. You will find this information in the Learning and Certifications section. For more information, go to the EDGE Learning View Completed Learning page

Supervisors can check upcoming and overdue trainings for direct reports in EDGE Learning. Learn how to access Manager Dashboards. Supervisors are also copied on EDGE Learning overdue notification emails sent to their direct reports.

We ask for your support in achieving compliance by reinforcing this important training in conversations with your team, and ensuring your employees have the time and resources needed to complete the training.

To support training compliance, supervisors can:

  • Monitor email notifications of overdue trainings
  • Use the Manager Dashboard in EDGE Learning to view training completion status for their direct reports.

Training completion reports for entire units and departments are available to those with specific provisioning access in UAccess Analytics.  

No. Please work with your supervisor to ensure time is allotted during your onboarding to complete this required training within your regular work hours during your first 30 days.

If you take leave or time off during your first 30 days that impacts your ability to complete the training, there is no need to request an extension. It is acceptable for a training to show as overdue on an employee's EDGE Learning profile while they are on leave or time off. If this occurs, please work with your supervisor to prioritize completing the overdue trainings during the first week of return to work.

In addition to changing the content of the Arizona Public Service Orientation, any pertinent changes will be sent to all employees via a UAnnounce memo.


Technical: Please contact the 24/7 Support Center to address any technical difficulties.

Training: For questions or concerns regarding whether you or a direct report need to complete this training, please contact University Initiatives & Policy.