COVID-19 Response Team

The COVID-19 Response Team (CRT) is part of the University’s Incident Command System (ICS) and reports up to the Incident Commander, Chris Kopach, Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management. It is charged with assessing and developing solutions for COVID-19-related challenges. Its members include faculty and staff from across campus. If you identify a COVID-19-related challenge or issue that is not being addressed by an existing UA policy, protocol, directive, or plan, please raise it with CRT.

For more information, contact

Celina Ramirez, Vice President of University Initiatives (Chair)

Mona Arora, Principal Research Specialist, Community Environment & Policy

Nina Bates, Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, Provost's Office

Alex Blandeburgo, Executive Director of Housing & Residential Life

Jason Brei, Assistant Chief University of Arizona Police

Tina Deemer, Director of Academic and Support Services in Mathematics

Miguel Delgado, Chief Risk Officer

Kacey Ernst, Professor of Public Health

Amy Glicken, Senior Project Director, University Initiatives

Bruce Grissom, Administrative Manager, Dean of Students

Chad Herzog, Executive Director of Arizona Arts Live

Jane Hunter, Vice President of Strategic Initiative

Julie Katsel, Senior Director of Local & Community Relations

Chris Kopach, ICS Commander and Assistance Vice President of Facilities Management

Stacey Lemos, Assistant Vice President and Comptroller

Chante Martin, Assistance Vice President of Human Resources

Sarah Meadows, Associate General Counsel

Cody Nicholls, Assistant Dean of Students

Bruce Overland, Director of Facilities Management Maintenance Services

Danielle Oxnam, Executive Associate, University Initiatives

Kristen Pogreba-Brown, Assistant Professor of Public Health

Alex Robie Harris, Senior Project Director, University Initiatives

Luis Rocha, Director of Facilities Management Operations

David Salafsky, Interim Executive Director of Campus Health Service

Jim Sayre, Executive Director of Parking and Transportation

Lori Schultz, Assistant Vice President of Research Intelligence

Lane Spalla, Emergency Management Coordinator, UAPD

Rob Stephan, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Alex Underwood, Registrar

Lori Van Buggenum, Project Director, University Initiatives

Derek van der Merwe, Assistant Vice President & COO of Athletics

Sabrina Vazquez, Assistant Vice President, Phoenix & State Relations